Daniel Moravec

Daniel Moravec


With an unbelievable story behind him, Daniel Moravec is the founder and CEO of Best Odds Corp. He is a well-diversified businessman who not only manages Best Odds Corp, but is spearheading several startup ventures, the owner of a gas station, and the owner of a real estate company. His professional experience is what distinguishes Daniel from the rest of the "suits" in this world.


  • Methodical Approach

    Our approach to iGaming traffic is unparalleled in the industry. We employ our very own independently crafted trade secrets to ensure our clients receive not only a large amount of traffic, but that such traffic is of the the highest quality possible. We aren’t afraid to ban a country should a large amount of fraud be evident, nor are we afraid to turn the volume up on a profitable?campaign.

  • Results Oriented

    There’s one important thing?that acts as the pinnacle over all others, and that is revenue. We routinely run customized reports in Quickbooks and Excel to ensure our campaigns are profitable, bumping up campaigns that are turning a higher profit, and reducing?or removing those that aren’t performing up to standards. You can rest assured that?we?carefully craft?an appropriate community of?clients and banish those that?would drag your brand image down by relation.

  • Lightning Fast Results

    The moment we strike a deal is the moment?we begin our partnership.?You won’t be stuck waiting for your brand to bake into our customer’s minds because?we’ve already warmed up the oven?for you – Our traffic isn’t brand sensitive, and is easily diverted. Historically, our?operators have been?able to?convert our customers into real money depositors at rates as high as 30% click-to-deposit ratio. Now we’re cooking!

  • Educated to the Core

    We keep a close eye on who we hire, ensuring that any shared confidential information will remain that way, and that?such information be used to its best?ability in?reach our mutual goal – Increasing Revenue. Our CEO, Daniel Moravec, is well educated and holds two?business-related?bachelor’s degrees – Business Marketing and Business Management. He’s also a seasoned affiliate marketer, with experience dating?back to the early 2000’s.