Best Odds Corp Legal – Use of Trademarks

The following article includes useful information regarding Trademarks as well as a list of Best Odds Corp. trademarks & service marks.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a symbol, design, phrase, word, logo, any other device, or a combination of the preceding, which is used by a company in order to distinguish its products from those of their competitors and other companies within the same industry.

What is a Service Mark?

A service mark serves the same purpose as a trademark, but is different in such that it identifies a service offered by a company rather than a physical product. Service marks are used for intangible goods, while trademarks are used for tangible goods. Legally, the same guidelines and legal principles are applied to service marks as they are to trademarks. Oftentimes, the terms “trademark” and “mark” are used in a manner which apply to both a company’s services and products.

How to Use a Mark

When using a trademark or service mark only in the United States, append the TM, SM or ? symbol after first use of each mark. If use of the mark reaches audiences outside of the United States, do not append the symbols. Instead, use an appropriate trademark attribution notice such as “Mac Poker is a trademark of Best Odds Corp., and has been registered in the United States and other countries.”

If you wish to describe use of an Apple Macintosh computer for use with poker play, then you should use language comparable to that, i.e., “for poker play with a Mac…”.

When using a Best Odds Corp. trademark, apply the following rules:

  • Use a trademark as an adjective, followed by an appropriate noun descriptor.
  • Do not use a trademark in possessive form, i.e. “Mac Poker’s” is inappropriate use of a trademark.
  • Do not use a trademark in plural form.
  • Never hyphenate a trademark, i.e. “Mac-poker” is an inappropriate use of a trademark.
  • Never alter a trademark. Substantially similar use of a trademark can be deemed as “confusingly similar.”
  • Never portray a trademark in a negative description as it will lower the value of the mark.
  • Use proper capitalization of a trademark, or make the mark conspicuous each time it is used. i.e. Bold type, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, or “Quotations.”
  • Use lowercase letters for the generic noun(s) following a trademark.
  • Attribute the trademark symbol accurately (TM, SM or ?), and at least once per page.
  • Never register a domain name with a trademark in it.

Best Odds Corp.’s Service Marks

The absence of a product, service name, or logo from the following list of marks does not constitute a waiver of Best Odds Corp.’s trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that item.

Mac Poker? poker site

*Note: These generic terms are only suggestions, and there may be other words that are equally appropriate.

Best Odds Corp Logos

Best Odds Corp Logo

Third-Party Trademarks

The following is a list of third-party trademarks & service marks that are used within the Best Odds Corp. network of internet websites.

WSOP?, World Series of Poker?, and the WSOP Chip Logo? are trademarks of Harrah’s Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

*Legends of Poker??is a trademark of The Bicycle Casino, Inc.

*Blackberry?, Blackberry??Storm?, SurePress?,?and the Blackberry Logo??are registered trademarks of Research In Motion Limited. Best Odds Corp. is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited.

*Sports Illustrated?is a registered?trademark?of Time, Inc.

*WWE world wrestling ???

*WPT is a trademark of WPT Enterprises, Inc

* is a registered trademark of Ongame e-solutions AB LTD LIAB CO

* and Go Daddy??are registered trademarks of, Inc.
*Heads Up Poker Championship??is a trademark of NBC Universal, Inc.

*Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

*Super Bowl?, NFL?, the Super Bowl Logo?, and the NFL Shield Design?, are registered trademarks of the National Football League.

*Hard Rock Casino is a registered trademark of Hard Rock Cafe International (USA), Inc

*Texas Calculatem and Calculatem Pro are registered trademarks of Texas Calculatem, LLC

*iMEGA is a registered trademark of OAC Inc.

* is a registered trademark of WPC Productions, Inc.

*Bodog is a registered trademark of Bodog Entertainment Group S.A. CORPORATION COSTA RICA

*Pokerstars is a registered trademark of RATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES LIMITED

*iOS ? is a trademark of Cisco

*OnGame and are registered trademarks of Ongame e-solutions AB

*Absolute Poker is a registered trademark of Absolute Entertainment SA LTD


The following are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries:

AirPort? iBooks? MacBook Air?
AirPort Express? iCal? Macintosh?
AirPort Extreme? iChat? Mac OS?
AirTunes? iDVD? Made for iPad logo?
Apple? iLife? Made for iPhone logo?
Apple logo? iMac? Made for iPod logo?
Apple Cinema Display? iMovie? MagSafe?
Apple Remote Desktop? iPad? Multi-Touch?
AppleTalk? iPhone? Podcast Logo?
Apple TV? iPhoto? QuickTime?
AppleVision? iPod? QuickTime Broadcaster?
Back to My Mac? iPod classic? QuickTime logo?
Bonjour? iPod Hi-Fi? QuickTime TV?
Bonjour logo? iPod nano? Retina?
Boot Camp? iPod shuffle? Safari?
ColorSync? iPod touch? Shake?
ColorSync logo? iSight? Shuffle?
Cover Flow? iTunes? SnapBack?
Expos?? iTunes Logo? Snow Leopard?
FaceTime? iWeb? Spaces?
FileVault? iWork? Spotlight?
Finder? Keychain? SuperDrive?
FireWire? Leopard? Think different?
Gadget? Mac? Time Capsule?
GarageBand? Mac logo? Time Machine?
iBook? MacBook? Works with iPhone logo?